The gateway to any school, college or university of repute rests on the marks obtained and in a number of cases, admission essays and personal statements which students are expected to write and submit along with other essential documents. Needless to say, personal statements and application essays are then the stepping stones for successful academic and consequently professional careers as well. However, while many students would be well versed with their subjects and specific fields, there are some individuals who could be lacking in creativity and writing skills, resulting in failure to gain admission in the college or university of one’s dreams.

Writing a personal statement or application essay requires experience and talent, since the academic future of the respective students rests on it. Students may need help in gaining admission in colleges and may require nursing personal statements, nursing application essays, pharmacy application essays and personal statements, MBA application essays, psychology and counselling admission essays in addition to admission to numerous other courses including social work, computers, science, statistics, medicine, dental college, for which personal statements and admission/application essays are a prerequisite.

There are several key factors which writers need to remember when writing an admission essay or personal statement. First and foremost, application essays are an expression of the applicants worldly views and should therefore be a reflection of the importance of education in their lives. Personal statements and admission essays should be written to-the-point, answering the question as precisely as possible. If you find it difficult to write a personal statement, get the experts to do it and contact us for a quote. We work round the clock to ensure that you don’t miss that one chance in life to get into the college or university of your choice. So don’t hesitate and get in touch with the best writers to write for opening the gateway to your future!!

Written By Fatema Batul, Operations Manager, Oxbridge Researchers